SEO Basics for WordPress

In theory, WordPress is just another way of putting your website online. So, in theory, SEO for WordPress should be subject to the same rules that apply elsewhere. And, to an extent, that's true. But there are some subtle (and not so subt) differences that you need to be aware of to make sure that

Learn About WordPress Alternatives

WordPress is the most common and popular mode of content management software today. You should also note that it is currently being used by more than half of the blogging individuals in the universe. However, there are other blogging software options available in the market today that you can use to

Custom WordPress Development

Are you looking for an all in all solution for your website? Do you need to upgrade your official website or want to coin a new website for your personal blog, are you looking for a solution that gives all technical support, is secure, and helps your web page rank in the search engine optimization.

WordPress SEO In A Nutshell

Why do Search engines love WordPress? WordPress Blogging and comments Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world and has a large users base. If you are trying to make money online, the best way is to make sure you rank higher on Google. WordPress blogs are one of the most

How To Create A WordPress Website Online

Have you ever thought about creating a WordPress site? If you are trying to start a business online, this is one of the easiest platforms for any newbie to create when it comes to website building. It allows you to not only quickly configure how your website looks, but allows you to make regular posts

What is a Blog and How Does it Work?

Blogs are now an integral part of the Internet world. Whenever we hear the word blog we know that it is something related to new technology, but the question arises, what is a blog? Blog are online journals. They are used as short form of web logs which means a list of writings on the

Benefits Of Using Premium WordPress Themes

If you have the budget, go for a custom designed WordPress theme instead of settling for a free one. But don’t just go to any WordPress theme designers. To get the most out of your theme, make sure you deal with an experienced and SEO-knowledgeable WordPress template designer / developer. Based

WordPress Themes – Finding the Perfect Theme

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform today. This has lead to thousands of WordPress themes becoming available. You can find premium WP themes or even free ones. With the amount of free themes out there a new or inexperienced blogger might have trouble choosing the one that is perfect for

16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You've got your blog set up and you've started posting pithy, useful information that your niche market would benefit from and enjoy. Days go by, you keep publishing, but no one comments and your traffic stats are barely registering. What do you do? Like any website you own, you must do some

SEO Tips 101: Creating a SEO Title, Web Address and Headings

This article is the first in a series of articles providing important SEO tips. First of all, let us clarify the difference between the terms: title, heading and web address. The web address is obviously the domain name (and the sub-domain name) of your website. The difference between the title and